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Handled with care

First and foremost, helping your dog get physically better is in our best interest. Tailwind dog braces are precisely made to help your dog with skin-compatibility and durability in mind. They have to be carefully crafted to resist the wear and tear from nature along with your daily dog activities. In order to do that, Tailwind has trained orthopedic technicians and specialists who know all about the dog's body. All Tailwind products have striking features such as the minimalistic design and the carefully designed Tailwind logo. Our design principles are based on the fact that once your dog is used to wearing the product, it should not attract attention but the attention should be on your dog. Just as our name suggests, our goal is to be your dog’s tailwind into a healthy and agile future.


A dog's best friend

You are asking yourself how we know so much about orthopedic technology? Our mother company, Kerkoc, has been producing orthopedic equipment for more than 75 years.

Tailwind Pets

The love for animals here at Tailwind goes beyond the product. Our employees are allowed to bring their canine companions to the office to help ease office stress. With 4 dogs in our building, each having their own personalities, it is never a dull day here at Tailwind. We are not limited to dogs though. Some of our employees have pets ranging from small cats to big horses. Being constantly around animals enables us to improve our understandings about them. In turn, this helps us with innovating the products.