How effective are Dog Knee Braces?

An acute knee injury in dogs worsens with time. But don't worry... One of the best solutions to knee tears is a dog knee brace. Let us see how: The limping in your canine is likely due to a damaged ligament within the joint. The ligament is a fibrous tissue that keeps everything together and holds the joint. The knee injury would lead to lameness, limping, pain, and arthritis without adequate treatment.

In older times, dogs used to recover without surgical treatment. However, a non-surgical remedy, also known as a complementary therapy, including braces, now serves the same purpose. Moreover, dog knee braces are highly effective and have an excellent quality-to-price ratio compared to other means of curing a dog's knee injury.


Do Dog Knee Braces Work?

By wearing knee braces, dogs can maintain the same level of energy and enthusiasm. In addition, braces stabilize the knee in a fixed position, providing safety from future injuries. Cautious pet owners might even introduce the brace to their dog's knee before damage occurs.

However, for the knee braces to work, they must be appropriate for the dog. Braces with straps are the best in terms of durability and comfort. If the brace fails to fit, it cannot provide the necessary support to the cruciate ligament and heal the tear. Therefore, knee braces are useful both for younger dogs that are prone to develop hip dysplasia and other joint problems, and for older ones that are likely to deal with luxating patella and arthritis.

Also, pet owners should take other necessary steps to support their dog's recovery. For example, they must help the dog maintain a proper diet, and appropriate and regular activity, to reduce the risk factors of canine cruciate ligament disease.


Are Knee Braces suitable For Dogs?

In dogs, issues with a cranial cruciate ligament are common, and the treatment depends on the severity of lameness. Dog knee braces can heal partial and total ligament tears.

Dog knee braces are often more appropriate to support injured joints than medical procedures. Surgery might not be the best treatment for joint instability. The habits of the dog, its age, medical history, and other risks need to be considered before opting for surgical treatment.

Secondly, the dog knee braces can be used for post-surgical cruciate ligament support as the scar tissue takes some time to form. During this time, the brace withstands pressure and body weight. As the scar tissue develops, the joint regains stability, and limping vanishes.

Also, due to modern technological advancements, custom dog braces can hold the cruciate ligament adequately aligned, providing natural stability to the joint. In addition, the precision of custom-built braces allows the joint to heal smoothly and the dog to move naturally.

Lastly, the cost of surgery for a dog can sometimes be incredibly high. For example, CCL surgery can cost anywhere between $1,100 and $4,500, depending on the nature of the disease. Moreover, owners must consider the time required to supervise the dog for 8 to 12 weeks post-op.


To Brace Your Dog Or Not To Brace?

Firstly, dog knee braces are a necessity. Acute trauma can make the joint lose stability in time, and a chronic degenerative ligament injury causes immobility within the joint. If the braces are not used timely, the knee might face damage beyond repair.

Knee braces are also likely to become handy at some point during the lifetime of the dog. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, many dogs face health difficulties leading to ACL/CCL tears, due to obesity, genetics, aging, and poor physical health.

Moreover, custom-built dog knee braces are highly effective and help avoid surgery. Studies show that the cruciate ligament of one knee eventually damages the other knee in 40-60% of cases. According to dog-journal studies, 25% of dogs suffer from cruciate ligament tears, and around 5-10% of them use knee braces for treatment.

Another critical research shows that the extent of mild or non-existent lameness for dogs wearing knee braces is almost as excellent (88%) as those having performed TPLO surgery (98%). Such findings prove that the non-surgical remedy is an effective alternative to medical interventions.

Additionally, dog hind leg support knee braces provide support during post-surgery and also help heal the injury faster. Also, the chances of pain coming back after recovery are minor.

Along with providing knee braces, dog owners need to take further steps. For example, they must administer a proper diet, encourage their dog to move consistently and avoid quick twists or turns.



Knee Brace For Injured Or Older Dogs For Additional Support 

 A brace is made upon the ligament's condition, medical history, physical activity, age, and environment. For example, the strength of the brace depends on the dog's habits and weight.

While specific criteria need to be met for the dog to wear a knee brace, other forms of treatment involve different requirements. For example, Emmie is an older dog who could not fulfill the criteria to be a candidate for surgery. Instead, the owner chose braces to heal her torn cruciate ligament and succeeded. Within nine months, she started walking on her own.

Moreover, most old dogs cannot bear all the surgical and post-surgical pain. So far, the best option for them to continue living a happy and healthy life is using a dog knee brace CCL. This alternative is less painful and serves the same purpose as surgery.


Knee Braces For Cases Of Osteoarthritis: Is It Worth It?

 Yes, it's worth it. Old dogs are affected by osteoarthritis the most. Osteoarthritis may be due to obesity, trauma, or knee dislocation. This knee injury causes malalignment, which makes a dog look bowlegged.

Since it is a degenerative joint disease (DJD), there is no cure. The condition damages the cartilage, which acts like a cushion in the knee joint. 

Although studies show that weight management helps dogs deal with osteoarthritis, illness might cause a dog to be less physically active. The dog knee brace for arthritis helps combat the issue. As a result, the discomfort and knee pain usually lessens, and the dog can walk comfortably and confidently, which helps delay the progression of the disease.


Knee Braces For Cases Of Meniscal Injury: Is It Worth It?

Once again, yes, it is. The meniscus is the slippery cartilage found in between the femur and tibia. It acts like a cushion and reduces friction. Unfortunately, rapid twists, turns, or stops, can damage it. There's no chance of repairing it immediately except for surgical treatment. However, complementary therapies can help the dog recover within several months and the owners avoid costly surgeries.

The dog knee brace for torn meniscus provides additional stability to the immobilized joint. In addition, they help generate extra support and strength. A dog knee brace aims to withhold all pressure and body weight, allowing the torn meniscus to recover. Moreover, knee braces help increase circulation, which adds to the healing process and well-being of the dog.

There are many examples of dogs that had their torn meniscus healed with braces. For example, even when surgery is the only option, owners can successfully cure the meniscus of their dog using custom-built dog knee braces CCL.


Dog Knee Brace For Luxating Patella:

Patella means “knee-cap” and luxating means “out of place”. Custom dog knee braces become necessary when the patella moves out from the femur just above the stifle. Otherwise, the pet feels discomfort and sits and walks abnormally. If the luxating patella is mild, then dog knee braces are enough for the dog to recover. 

They help stabilize the joint and provide the elasticity required while protecting the kneecap. Moreover, dogs wearing knee braces can walk normally, and limping vanishes. Also, the luxating patella can recover if the dog exercises, maintains a steady weight, and takes anti-inflammatory supplements prescribed by veterinarians to boost joint health.

The dog knee brace for luxating patella comes in various sizes and shapes. A perfect snug fit brace is required for luxating patella and similar injuries. Taking into account the recommendation of the veterinarian is a must. Discuss the situation and find out the best solution. Sometimes surgery is required so it is best to consider a professional opinion.

Below is the a video about a Dog whos owners decided to against Surgery. Watch his Story and Recovery with a Knee Brace (Video Length is 30sec): 



A question like "are knee braces good for dogs" might pop into your mind. Here's the answer to it. The nature of dogs is very active. They run and climb, and a sudden change in direction can cause immobility in the joint. To maintain the stability of the joint, braces are not only recommended but are a necessity. Surgeries are often unaffordable and require too many criteria to be fulfilled. 

Issues such as CCL tears, arthritis, and luxating patella might sooner or later occur, and having a course of action ready when it happens will save the dog’s health. Thanks to dog knee braces, these diseases are not a difficult problem to tackle anymore. Whether you are interested in a dog knee brace for hind leg or forelegs, this equipment is accessible and highly effective.

Do not let health issues degenerate. Find the perfect knee brace for your dog now!


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