Terms and Conditions of Use of the Tailwindpets.com Online Store

Kerkoc GmbH, with registered address at Breitenfurter Straße 338, 1230 Vienna, Austria, is the owner of Tailwind , and the legal owner of the Tailwindpets.com online store. 

Access to and use of the store, which sells items for animal rehabilitation, is completely free and unrestricted for users. 

The terms and conditions of use are available to users at all times. Access is completely free and unrestricted, easy and direct. The general terms and conditions of use of the online store can be accessed from any of the pages that are part of the site. 

The user may copy and print the terms and conditions at any time, using the respective functions of the browser. 

The buyer must explicitly accept the general terms and conditions of use of the Tailwindpets.com online store in order to purchase any of the products available in the aforementioned online store. 

The terms and conditions are listed at all times on the Tailwindpets.com online store. These conditions can be modified by the owner of the store without prior warning. Therefore it is recommended that users read and check the conditions each time they purchase a product.  


The products that feature on the Tailwindpets.com online store are the products that are available to the users, classified according to their characteristics. Each product data sheet outlines the characteristics, price, supplier or manufacturer.


The Tailwindpets.com online store reserves the right to hold product promotions and sporadic offers and modify them without prior warning.


III. Product Availability


If the requested product is not in stock or there will be a special delay with its delivery, if the user prefers, he/she can change the product for another product from the same group, quality and price or receive a refund of the price that has already been paid. The amount the user has paid will be credited to the bank account provided, no more than thirty days after the aforementioned amount was paid. 


IV. Limitation of Liability 


The information provided by the Tailwindpets.com store regarding the products that are on sale comes directly from the manufacturers. Therefore no liability will be accepted regarding the content and there is no guarantee that the information provided is complete, reliable or current, or that the manufacturer has stopped making the product or taken it off the market. The user can get more detailed information by accessing the website of the product manufacturers or contacting their customer service department.


Similarly, the photographs published do not always coincide with the products that they represent when it comes to the colour, pattern or form. They are published as a source of information only.


The logos or brands of the manufacturers are included in the product information and correspond to their legitimate owners. The Tailwind online store is authorised to use them commercially.


If you have any questions about a product, you can send your question to our Customer Service Department (info@tailwindpets.com) before confirming your order.


V. Purchasing Process 


Once the user has read the terms and conditions, if he/she wishes to buy one of the products available in the online store, he/she should select the product to be purchased and follow all the steps of the purchasing process.


The user must fill in the details that are requested in the personal details section in order to be able to continue with the purchasing process.


The personal data requested remains subject to personal data protection regulations, as referred to in the disclaimer, in the corresponding section of these terms and conditions.


The purchasing process being finalised in a satisfactory manner is unequivocal proof of the buyer’s consent to these terms and conditions.


As soon as the Tailwindpets.com online store receives the order, an automatic message is sent to the user via e-mail confirming receipt of the order, with an allocated reference number.


The Tailwindpets.com online store will proceed with processing the order once confirmation has been received of the payment made by the user via the different methods that are available.


The user can always locate and correct the details and any errors in their data, by sending an e-mail to the customer service department address:


If a PURCHASE INVOICE is needed, the user must send an e-mail to the customer service department address, with the name or company name, address and tax information, and fiscal identification number or fiscal identification code of the person being invoiced. The invoice will be sent by regular mail within fifteen days to be counted from the day the product is sent.


VI. Prices


All of the product prices are displayed in USD by default and include taxes, except for shipping and dispatch taxes. They do not include withholdings in the country of origin which may be borne by the buyer depending on the tax regulations applicable in certain countries.


All of the product prices will increase due to the cost of shipping or dispatch.


In order to buy the product, the payment made by the user must include the cost of dispatching the product.


During the purchasing process the amount due for dispatching the product requested will be specified depending on the option selected. The aforementioned amount will be added to the price of the product and the total amount to be paid for every order made will be displayed.


For sales made outside of the EU, the customs duties and/or other local taxes, import duties, and state taxes that are likely to be enforceable and/or applicable, will be the responsibility of the buyer and borne by the buyer, both in terms of declaring the amount and payment of the amount to the appropriate authorities and/or organisations in his/her country.


Tailwindpets.com reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the orders will be invoiced based on the prices that are in force when your order is transmitted electronically.


 VII.Payment Methods:


The payment is due as soon as the order is made. 

VISA/Mastercard Credit Card:following the instructions outlined on the Tailwindpets.com online store, which has established a security protection policy for transactions that are made using the online store. You have signed up to the financial transactions security system calibrated by a specialist supplier, “Stripe”. Only “Stripe” has access to your credit card details and these details will only be transmitted in an encrypted format.

Furthermore, Tailwindpets.com and its associates or suppliers do not keep the information that is related to your credit card. They only keep the information that is relative to your order to ensure that it is dealt with and monitored, and to inform you about offers related to our products.



 VII.Delivery Dates


The deadlines start to be counted from the moment the order is processed by Post.at, as outlined in the corresponding section of these general terms and conditions, and depending on the shipping area.

Tailwindpets.com is not responsible for changes to these delivery dates once all of the stages of the order processing have been completed.

Tailwindpets.com will contact the user via the details provided to advise them of any delays or particular increase in the delivery time for deliveries outside of the national territory.

If the product is not in stock, or in the factory or warehouse, Tailwindpets.com will contact the user to inform him/her of the approximate delivery date for the product, and will also offer him/her the possibility to receive a refund of the amount paid for the aforementioned product if the user does not agree with the information provided.

 IX.Right of Withdrawal


In accordance with legal regulations, the buyer will have 30 working days from the date that he/she receives the product to freely withdraw from the contract and return the product without incurring a penalty or any costs.


If the buyer exercises this right, he/she will only be obliged to pay the direct cost of returning the goods, i.e. the transport costs.


In order to exercise this right, the buyer must contact the Tailwindpets.com customer service department by sending an e-mail to info@tailwindpets.com to specify that he/she wishes to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract. He/she must specify which contract it is by providing the purchase order number, invoice number and details of the product purchased and a bank account number to refund the money that he/she paid for the product. He/she can also send the product directly to our address along with a note stating that he/she wants a refund.


The product must be returned in the complete original packaging (accessories, leaflets, etc.) and security seals that prove that the product has not being used. The buyer must pay the postage costs. The product should be sent to the address of our headquarters at Breitenfurter Straße 338, 1230 Vienna, Austria.


The refund that equates to the price of the product will be credited to the bank account that the buyer specifies in the letter stating that he/she wishes to withdraw from the contract a maximum of 30 days after Tailwindpets.com receives the product in perfect condition. 


X. Warranty


All of the products advertised on the Tailwindpets.com online store offer a warranty period that is established by the manufacturer.


If the buyer needs to use the warranty service for his/her product due to hidden flaws or defects or because the product needs to be repaired, he/she can contact our customer service department directly, and we will supply him/her with all of the information he/she will need to apply for it via ourselves or the manufacturer.


Repairs that need to be done as a result of using the product or handling it incorrectly are not covered under the warranty.


 XI. Customer Service Department


Our customer service department is at your service if you wish to request any information or if you have any questions:



Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm & Friday 9am - 1:00pm (local time in mainland Austria).



   XII. Data Protection and Electronic Communications


 See our private policy at https://www.tailwindpets.com/pages/privacy-policy


Tailwindpets.com and the user will submit any dispute that could arise or that is related to the interpretation of this contract or a disagreement that has arisen from it, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse to, to the courts and tribunals of Vienna, Austria.